Dining Room Ceiling Design and Gold Leaf Medallon Custom Dining Room Design with custom artwork, faux finish and moldings Hand painted Design and custom moldings in dining room ceiling. Hand Painted Dining Room Design and faux finish Close up Gold Leaf Faux Finish on Medallion Hand painted design in dome. close up of custom artwork and faux finish Plaster Walls and Faux Stone Crown Faux Stone Crown and Plaster Walls Faux Wood Grain Finish in Theater room. Wine Room Mural Custom ceiling design and faux finish. Custom painted design in master bath dome. Master bedroom faux finish.
Dome ceiling design, faux finish, faux stone crown, faux wood finish, wine room mural
About This Project

Custom home in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

Featured first are the dining room photos. The ceiling design is embellished with custom moldings which were special ordered by the builder and custom made in two pieces per section.   The background and crown were given a faux finish with a hand painted design motif.  The medallion was given a gold leaf, antique finish.


The master suite walls have a two color faux finish with a softer finish on the ceiling.  The sitting room dome features a custom, hand painted design that compliment the interior color scheme and style.


The common area walls of this home were treated with a rustic plaster finish to give it the feel of an old French castle.  Our embellished include custom ceiling designs in multiple areas and faux finishes in the private rooms.


The entry, living room, and stairwell crown has been treated with a faux stone finish, mimicking the limestone in the house.


The theater room wood work was originally intended to be a painted finish but as the design evolved, we determined that faux wood treatment would work best.  It has a wood grain and stain glaze with sealer to give it the appearance of a two tone wood finish.


The wine room mural is a depiction of a castle, nestled in the french countryside.


Featured next are pictures from the master bathroom and bedroom suite.    The sunken tub and spa is stunning with limestone encased windows and domed ceiling.  Painting the design in soft white hues with raw umber shading, create an understated beauty and subtleness.


The walls and ceiling were given a two color faux finish with a soft wash on the ceiling and crown.


The sitting area domed ceiling is a custom design, painted in colors of soft venetian red, green and sienna.